Hawthorne Heights Home School: If Only You Were Lonely

Hawthorne Heights Home School: If Only You Were Lonely

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Join us for an experience unlike anything we have put together before!

In part two of our Home School series, we will be giving you an in depth and inside look at our second album, If Only You Were Lonely.   We have put together a master class style presentation detailing stories picking up right where we left off after the touring for The Silence in Black in White, the writing process for Lonely, memories from in the studio making the album, and all of the touring and experiences that followed after it's release.  JT will be going through lyrics from the album in detail and explaining where his mindset was when writing them. We will also chronicle what they mean to us now. 

There will be acoustic performances, guitar riff play throughs and explanations on the tones that defined the album.  We will also be talking about what it was like to revisit the album in full for the anniversary shows.   This will be interactive and we look forward to answering your questions during the presentation!

In addition to the online video course, you will also receive your choice of a limited edition t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt along with a special diploma mailed to you for attending.  We might even create a test for you to take, to prove to us that you were listening.   

We have compiled tons of research to make this the exactly what it needs to be. Expect photos, clips, play throughs, and interactive fun. 

Join us as we stroll down memory lane, and dive deep into all things related to If Only You Were Lonely. 

The online course takes place on July 13th at 8:30pm EST.  You will be emailed a link and code to participate.   

Limited to 50 tickets!

*Please specify your shirt size and your choice of t-shirt or long sleeve in the drop down menu.

*Please allow 10-14 days from purchase for your limited edition shirt to arrive.