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Raindrop Society VIP

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Spend time with us before the show and be a part of the Raindrop Society. We are doing a VIP unlike any we have ever done before and would love for you to be a part of it. Instead of giving you something to fill your closet, we’re opting to give you something that fills your heart.

We want these moments to be what you hold close through the years, and these moments can help keep us connected forever. The Raindrop Society VIP is limited to only 10 per city and we encourage you to trade with other fans in other cities!

What you get: 

  • Live acoustic performance of 3-4 songs along with stories/Q & A
  • Exclusive CD recording in a one of a kind sleeve of the VIP performance that you attended. This will be picked up before the end of the show at the Hawthorne Heights merch table.
  • Exclusive patch only made for Raindrop Society (ONLY available with purchase of VIP, 1 per order)

These are meant to be shared online with fellow fans. We want you to share your VIP experience with someone that came to the VIP in a different city. Upload to your computer and send to someone you’ve met that attended a different VIP and they can share back with you. We will not be playing the same songs every show and want this to be for you to meet people, as much as we can’t wait to meet you. The last year has been tough for us all, and we want to use this to bring us back together.

Please follow theraindropsociety on Instagram for updates during the tour and use #raindropsongexchange on social media to trade your VIP experience with other Raindrop Society members. 

** VIP does NOT include general admission ticket to show. Concert ticket(s) must be purchased separately.

** VIP will take place 1 hour before doors. Time will be in your order confirmation email. If this time changes due to circumstances out of our control, you will receive an email from us.

** Meetup spot will be located at or near the venue. Follow us on all social media platforms for information as to exactly where to meet for your show. Due to the nature of parking and other limitations, this meetup spot may vary.

** Due to the limited available and nature of the VIP experience, refunds will not be possible unless a show gets cancelled or postponed.

** Please use your legal name for your order, as your last name will be what will be used for entry.