By Fire's Light Letter Club

By Fire's Light Letter Club

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By Fire’s Light
Letter Club

Join us on an adventure like we have never offered before.  
Let us correspond with one another, as if cell phones didn’t exist.  
Let us scribble our hearts onto pages, and send them across the world to each other.
FB, INSTA, TWITTER are so impersonal.  We want to turn the lights off, light a candle, and scratch words BY FIRE’S LIGHT.

Here’s how it works:

You take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says EMO. Take the photo BY FIRE’S LIGHT, and email it to  (a candle would work. a flashlight would work too)
We will create a lovely collage out of this, in which we will post when the correspondence is over.  

After we get this photo, we will email you instructions with PHASE 2 instructions. (There will be 4 PHASES)

This is like a scavenger hunt, pen pal correspondence game.  

You send a letter to us in the mail, we respond to that letter with answers to your questions, advice, and some gifts.  We get a letter from you, you get a letter from us.

We hope you will join us on this adventure.

This club will be Limited to 100 letters.  

Hawthorne Heights.